5 web pages including a contact form, automated google map directions, SEO included, search engine submission, google analytics, email and more!

Built into our websites is our content management system, where our clients are able to update their web pages 24/7 with the abililty to add text, images, videos and more!

This is how we start all of our websites! Each website has the ability to grow as you grow. We design to add future capabilities such as photo galleries, hotel booking systems, auto dealerships, real estate with MLS, online shopping stores, facebook integration, custom forms, classified ads, and so much more!

All of our web designs are found on the first pages of all the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing!seo

$399 Complete Websites

To get started, call 843.283.0282 and we'll happily assist you with all your needs.

Getting your web site design on the internet quickly, professionally and affordably! 

Your custom web site design itself will be a modern or contemporary website unlike any other in your industry. We believe in a professional, very eye appealing and most of all functional web site. We also believe that it should be relaxing and very useful for your clients. It shall be visitor friendly and easy to navigate while containing a wealth of information for your visitors.
Beach Web Development will include:
 v  Website Development

Ø  Home Page – This will be the first page that your visitors will see when they visit your website. The home page design chosen will also be the theme throughout the web site. We'll also use your existing logo, images, and any text you provide on the home page. If you do not currently have a logo, we can assist you with creating one at an addional fee.

ØWe will also create (4) more main menu links of your choice. For example About Us, Contact Us (w/ Google Maps Integration), Services, Testimonials, and etc.

v  Content Management System

Manage your web site on your own through our easy content management system (CMS). We use the same CMS software that major corporations such as, Time Warner Cable, Olympus, Sprint, Epson, IHop, Fox Networks, and many more use! You will be able to log in from the front end of the website for minor updates and also have the ability to log in through a backend administrator interface, if needed for more advanced tasks. There will also be the ability to create assistant administrative accounts to co-workers. This can be explained further.

Our customized CMS web sites allow you to login to your website at any time and change images, text, menu links, and more.  If you know how to use a text editor such as Microsoft Word you have the ability to make these changes yourself. You will also have the ability to track visitors of your website and see what they are actually viewing.  You will also have the ability to add keywords and meta-tag description to your editable content. This helps with search engine optimization (SEO) by attracting more visitors to your website. There are thousands of more features and add-ons available to be integrated when needed.

If you need additional assistance, additional features, or you would like us to fully manage and update your site for you, please contact us for additional estimates.


v  Support

We will provide you with (2) hours initial onsite support, phone support, self help training videos and computer to computer remotely across the internet, as well.

v  Email

We will provide (1) email account of your choice. (i.e. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ). Each will have a 250MB quota. We will also provide instruction on how to access and configure your email program. Additional Emails can also be purchased.

v  Domain Names

We will purchase and configure (1) domain name of your choice. You will own all the rights to your domain name used and all elements of your website design. You can move hosting or website designers at any time you want to.

v  Hosting

We have our own server that we host our websites on. It is super fast, state of the art, modified especially for our CMS and most importantly, reliable. We manage all our hosting services and optimize it for our special needs. There will be no limitations on what we can add for you. The starter hosting package consists of 30GB of bandwidth a month which equates to approximately 10,000 visitors a month. Each additional GB used is $1.75 for that month. I don’t foresee you going past that except on very rare occasions. You will also have 1GB of compressed storage space. This is more than enough as an average site uses about 100mb. We start at $15 a month and advise you when you need to upgrade. I believe this will be sufficient for many years though. You will also be able to track how many visitors and where they came from as well through our CMS. I also give a hosting discount for paying in advance; 2% (3) months, 5% for (6) months and 10% for 12 months in advance.

v  Software Updates

We will maintain your CMS website software as long as we are providing hosting. These updates are important to ensure security from hackers, bug fixes, better functionality, and more.

v  SEO

We will include standard Search Engine Optimization (SEO)-The homepage is the most important page of your web site design. The homepage is the first thing your visitor sees and also contains information about your website that search engines use in their page rankings. We utilize every approach to ensure search engines like your website. It must be easy to navigate and content easily read. The homepage must have keywords with relevant content that reflects what your website is about.

We not only want to make your website look great, we want it to perform great. We have the knowledge and expertise to make your homepage standout as well as SEO friendly. All of your pages will be SEO optimized with the appropriate search engine friendly URL’s. Once the design is completed we will perform a standard SEO by providing home page meta-tagging, meta-description, and creating a site map and submitting it to the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask.com and others.

v  Integration

The web site will also have the ability to use many various pieces of code such as Flash, JavaScript, html, php, and etc. It will also have the ability for any future additions such as ecommerce shopping carts, billing, or any future technology. In the future, if re-design is needed, it can easily be implemented without losing structure or content. The design elements of the website are separate from the content. The website is also database driven and is backed up daily.  We will provide you with all source codes on CD or DVD for onsite back up as well.


It is virtually limitless on what Beach Web Development can provide for our clients!