service6Website Hosting

We offer one the best hosting services in the Myrtle Beach area for your website. Our hosting servers are fast and reliable! We have our own dedicated server that we manage and configure for our websites. Rest assured, that when someone looks for your business on the Internet, you are up and running. Also know that when someone visits your website that it is not stuck loading. Nobody likes to wait for a website to load! We have the ability to accommodate any size website.

Our website hosting support is also one of the best in the Myrtle Beach Area. 24/7 support! Daily website, database and email backups performed. Our hardware and software is state of the art technology. The best in the business!

We took the time to develop our own server software to optimize our websites. It was our best move ever to manage our own server. We currently host motels, shopping sites, funeral homes, and more that require thousands of visitors needing access at any given moment. Don't skimp on web hosting! Why take a chance on your website not being available?